Lloyds increased training quality for its employees to 90%



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How effective hands-on training helped Lloyds increase training quality to 90%




Financial services organizations use multiple systems to authenticate customers across multiple touchpoints, deal with their requests, and originate new services. If these systems are difficult to access and use, the customer experience can be negatively impacted, resulting in decreased satisfaction and, potentially, reduced customer loyalty. This was one of the challenges facing the Insurance Customer Delivery division of Lloyds Banking Group, one of the UK’s largest and most successful life, home, car and travel insurers, who are also experts in personal pensions and investments. The Director of Lloyds Banking Group Insurance Customer Delivery, says, “We’ve always been committed to delivering excellent customer services, but our fragmented systems and processes were, in some ways, holding us back.”

To address this challenge, Lloyds Banking Group embarked on a major transformation project to put customers at the heart of its operations. “First, we redesigned our customer journeys and customer communications based on recognized customer excellence principles,” says The Head of the Transformation Program. “We also added real-time capabilities to our systems, empowering service staff to answer customers’ queries immediately, at the first point of contact. A broad program of colleague training was needed to successfully support the transformation program. "We knew that customer-centric processes could only take us part of the way,” says The Head of People Workstream, “it was important to excel in the customer service delivered across the entire client journey.”


  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • New, customer-centric service approach

  • Protect sensitive customer data


  • Team of 4 Assima Developers

  • eLearning exercises uploaded in LMS

Results & Benefits

  • Cost efficient training for large staff numbers

  • Sensitive data anonymized in the system

  • Effective hands-on training


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"We needed to train our customer-facing staff and empower them to deliver the best customer service, across the entire range of customer journeys."

Director of Insurance Customer Delivery


To meet its training requirement, the Lloyds Banking Group has engaged with its longstanding training partner Assima. “We’ve worked with Assima on a number of large-scale training projects over the years, so we knew they had the technology and the know-how we needed,” says The Senior Learning Manager. The technology chosen for creating the required training materials is Assima Training Suite. “Assima provides a realistic, interactive training experience by replicating live systems and using a ‘show me’, ‘tell me’, and ‘let me practise’ approach,” says The Head of People Workstream. “There are easy-to-follow guides, complete with screenshots, to help users build their confidence and serve customers better.” A team of four Assima developers, headed by a dedicated project manager, has been tasked with building the training materials needed to support Lloyds’ new customer-centric processes. Andy Campbell, dedicated Assima Project Manager for Lloyds Banking Group, says, “We are using agile project management methodologies to deliver training materials quickly and cost-effectively based on highly productive 4-week ‘sprints’.”

The Assima team submits all newly developed training exercises to the Lloyds Banking Group for approval before testing them and uploading them to the company’s Discover Learning (DL) Learning Management System. Alerts are then sent to the relevant departments when training exercises become available.

“Staff can do their training online on DL or heads of departments or other managers can arrange classroom sessions for them,” says The Learning Delivery Manager. “Assima eLearning capabilities will significantly reduce our classroom training requirements, and help us stay focused on what really matters: delivering the best service for our customers.”

"With Assima we can have a centralized repository of training materials that everyone can access, with no need for costly stand-alone training clients/training sandboxes."

Director of Insurance Customer Delivery

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Results and Benefits

Lloyds Banking Group is successfully delivering its customer-centric business transformation with Assima, training hundreds of service staff quickly and cost-effectively and already increasing quality scores in their training from 40% to 90%.

Cost-effective transformation
By working with Assima, Lloyds Banking Group will significantly reduce training costs for its customer-centric transformation program. “The alternative to Assima is to build bespoke training environments that incorporate all the different systems we use, and that would be an extremely expensive exercise,” says The Learning Program Manager.

Protection for sensitive data
Another benefit of Assima is its ability to ‘anonymize’ data in the training system, helping Lloyds Banking Group to protect sensitive customer data. “We can’t risk customers’ names, addresses or other details finding their way into the training system” says The Business Unit Control team. “Because we can populate Assima with ‘anonymized’ data, we can rest easy that we’re protecting customers and satisfying the regulator.”

Simple, centralized training updates
Assima will help Lloyds Banking Group take process changes and regulatory changes in its stride. “If there’s an update to a customer journey, the Assima training can be updated centrally, which is much faster and more efficient than updating stand-alone training systems,” says The Director of Insurance Customer Delivery.
A recent group of new recruits were struggling and achieving quality scores in the low 40% region. After reviewing, and as part of the remedial actions they all completed the available Assima lessons resulting in increased average scores of 90%.

Success together
The strong relationship between Lloyds Banking Group and Assima is critical for the success of the project. “Assima has great software, but it’s really their approach to teamwork that’s helping us succeed,” says The Scrum Master. “Rather than ‘us’ and ‘them’, it feels like we’re all working together for shared goals, and that will help us to accelerate our customer-centric transformation and deliver the best service for our customers.”


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