Assima - The Company


Assima has thrived on over a decade of successful projects.

Look into our history and see how we are able to support large enterprise system roll-outs for global businesses with our innovative technology.

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Assima’s solution, Vimago, helps large organizations to improve user performance and business efficiency.

Vimago’s Four Pillars of Improvement enable our clients to Train Better, Assist Better, Collaborate Better and Analyse Better:

  • Train Better with a highly realistic, virtual, interactive training environment
  • Assist Better with an intelligent overlay that adds information, process guidance and data quality improvements in real time
  • Collaborate Better through a cloud based, collaborative, multi-device knowledge management platform
  • Analyze Better by monitoring all usage by end-users and application activity supporting detailed analytics

Vimago by Assima is a CAMSS* solution that supports the 70:20:10 model for improving user performance and ultimately providing a better customer experience.

Assima supports its global blue-chip client base with direct operations in 12 countries in Europe, North America and Africa and strategic partnerships with consulting companies.


* Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social, Security