Assima - The Company

Assima - The Company



Assima’s unique and innovative approach accelerates the development and distribution of knowledge and competency throughout an organization. Assima’s solutions support the roll-out and use of key Enterprise Applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM.

Assima’s Cloning solutions are used as a true alternative to a training client that enables the creation of training content in parallel with application development. Typically Assima clients forecast a 10 to 1 Return on Investment over 5 years when compared to using full training environments to support multiple applications in multiple locations on a global scale.

Assima’s Automated Business Improvement (ABI) increases business agility and allows for rapid change and knowledge sharing by ‘pushing’ key, relevant business propositions and scripts to users based on context, role and timeframe e.g. up-sell; cross-sell; stock levels, compliance requirements.

Assima’s professional services projects have also won numerous awards recognizing outstanding project delivery on time and to budget with truly innovative solutions.

In business for over 11 years, Assima has direct operations in 12 countries in Europe and North America and strategic partnerships extending its reach in the Middle East and Asia.

Vimago delivers complete Enterprise Knowledge Planning (EKP) and sits at the heart of your organization alongside your investments in ERP and other critical infrastructure solutions.