Assima Multilingual Suite

Product Overview

Assima Multilingual Suite

Offering a fast, efficient way to transform your applications into the language of your users, the Assima Multilingual Suite (AMS) is the cross-platform solution that turns any application multilingual.

The AMS solution allows you to localize an existing application without modifying the source code or the executable. AMS supports a wide range of technical environments and can be applied on most Windows applications, Web applications, legacy character-mode applications, reporting tools and databases.


Solutions For...

Application Owner
Software Vendors
"Increase your revenue by selling your software internationally"

Multinational Companies
Multinational Companies
"Deliver applications that work in the language of your end-users"

Multinational Countries
Multilingual Countries
"Support all official and regional languages. Comply with local laws"

How It Works

Runtime Localization Technology™ delivers dynamic multilingual interfaces on-the-fly.

Using a source code parser that extracts the GUI text from the application code into a separate database file, the application interface can be translated without interfering with the source application code.

When a translated instance is called by the user, the Runtime Localization Technology™ intercepts and replaces the application text running in its original language, with a new translated interface layer.


1. Extract/Capture: The first goal is to establish the list of texts to translate. This is usually built by running one or several of the extractor components that come with AMS.

2. Translate: This is where the translations are entered directly into AMS or using Excel and then imported. This is an easy process with no training required.

3. Test/QA: The translated application can then be tested and checked for issues including missing or incorrect translations.

4. Package/Deploy: It is possible to create one version of the application per language or have one localized version that contains all languages. The last step is generally straightforward and Software Vendors can easily embed the AMS runtime inside their applications.

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Data Sheet

Assima Multilingual Suite - Data Sheet

"The Runtime Localization TechnologyTM delivered in the Assima Multilingual Suite (AMS) externalizes the translation process from the application source code to dynamically transform the GUI into a localized user interface..."

AMS Datasheet

US AMS Data Sheet (US)


Assima Multilingual Suite for Windows and Web

"It has become imperative for software publishers to view localization not only as a preference to consider but as a necessity for growth and survival in a competitive market. The need for software publishers to localise..."

AMS Whitepaper

flag-usa AMS for Windows and Web (US)


Supported Languages


For Windows applications, AMS supports all the languages supported by Microsoft Windows (from Windows 95 to Windows 7). For Web applications, AMS supports all languages in use worldwide for business purposes and all languages that can be written using UTF-8. Internally, AMS relies on Unicode as a way to store all characters.

Click here for a partial list of supported languages

Western Languages


Eastern European Languages

Win Codepage
Web Code
Win Codepage
Web Code
 Basque  1252  eu    Bulgarian  1251  bg
 Catalan  1252   ca     Croatian  1250  hr 
 Danish  1252   da     Czech  1250  cs 
 Dutch  1252   nl    Estonian  1257  sv 
 English  1252   en     Greek  1253  el 
 Finnish  1252   fi     Hungarian  1250  hu 
 French (France & Québec)  1252   fr     Latvian  1257  lv 
 German  1252   de     Lithuanian  1257  lt 
 Italian  1252   it     Polish  1250  pl 
 Norwegian  1252   no     Romanian  1250  ro 
 Portuguese (Portugal & Brasil)  1252   pt     Russian  1251  ru 
 Spanish (Spain & Latin America)  1252   es     Serbian  1250  sr 
 Swedish  1252   sv     Slovak  1250  sk 
         Slovenian  1250  sl 
         Turkish  1254  tr 
         Ukrainian  1251  uk 

Asian Languages


Middle Eastern Languages

Win Codepage
Web Code
Win Codepage
Web Code
 Chinese Simplified (PRC)  936  zn-ch    Arabic  1256  ar
 Chinese Traditional  950  zn-tw    Hebrew  1255  he
 Japanese  932  ja        
 Korean (Johab)  949  ko        
 Korean (Wansung)  1361  ko        
 Thai  974  th        
 Vietnamese  1258  vi        

To determine if a language not listed here is supported by AMS, please Contact Us