Faster Responses.
Smarter Decisions.


With Watson

Harness the power of AI directly in your critical business apps.

Deliver smarter performance support to your employees.

Boost their performance on your systems, with AI powered, digital in-application assistance.

Augmented Intelligence, In-Application

Assima Assist is an intelligent overlay that sits on top of applications and recognizes a user’s screen and system context.

Integrating IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, Assist pushes relevant, personalized suggestions, responses and recommendations to help an employee get the maximum from their system and data.

With Watson


With Watson


Get best routes of action for your given situation

With Watson

Smarter Decisions

The answers you need, without leaving the screen

With Watson

Faster Decisions

Expertise through AI predictions and data analytics

Creating the smarter employee:
unlocking new levels of productivity

with cloud-delivered AI.

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