End of the road with UPK?



It’s just the beginning with Assima

Wondering what will happen to your UPK content when Oracle stops further development?*

Assima Train extends the life of UPK content.

Migrate your content to Assima Train and gain more authoring benefits.

*Read the Oracle announcement

Convert UPK to Assima Train

Don’t worry about the future of your UPK content with Oracle. Convert to Assima Train format and secure its longevity!

Train is Assima’s immersive learning environment. UPK content can be imported, converted, then published into Train modes for learning and guidance.

Train content is deployed to the consumer and can be accessed in a standalone web-player, on mobile devices, or even through an existing LMS.

With Train format you can benefit from Assima application cloning technology to improve the potential and substance of your content delivery programs.

This isn’t the end of your journey. Make it the beginning.

UPK to Assima Train conversion

Compare UPK to Assima Train

  Single and Multi-user developer environment
  Collaborative web-based authoring platform
  Role based content filtering
  Role-based content authoring and deployment
  Content check in / check out
  Content locking when content in progress
  Learning modes: See it, Try it, Know it, Do it
  Learning Modes: Demo, Practice, Evaluation, Sandbox
  Guidance modes: Print it, Test it (system process, job aid, test script)
  Guidance Modes: Online Help, User Manual, Task Assistant, Synopsis
  Screenshot recording mode (PrtScr]
  Screenshot capture mode [Ctrl]
  Record alternative actions
  Capture alternative actions
  Built-in sound recording tool
  Built-in sound recording tool
  Message types / bubble text
  Message types, default out of the box or custom
  Add external resources, media files
  Add external resources, media files, documents
  Publish modes: Standalone Player, LMS, HTML website
  Publish modes: Standalone Player, link to Existing LMS, Mobile Devices
  Clone capture mode [Ctrl]
  Immersive learning environments/sandbox (clone based)
  Translation of content without the re-records! (clone based)
  Anonymization of captured sensitive application data (clone based)
  Easy maintenance of content when things change, without the re-records! (clone based)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conversion process?

The conversion takes a UPK Try IT! mode, imports it into Assima’s authoring platform - and from that you can generate Assima Train modes for learning and process guidance.

How quick is the conversion process?
Do I get the same output modes?
Will I lose any existing functionality?
Does the conversion process keep my UPK outline, module, topic structure?
What more can I do with Assima Train?

Fast Conversion

Fast Conversion

A typical size project converted within an hour

Seamless Conversion

Seamless Conversion

Import, Convert, and Publish!

Increased Potential

Increased Potential

With Application Cloning Technology

Ready to extend the life of your UPK content?
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